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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 6, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o [ child giggles ]
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welcome back, i'm jessica kartalija if for don scott. >> and in traffic reports to
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report anywhere. well, let's go ahead. jessica, thank you so much. we'll look at the day part, right now, we're in the upper 50s and it's surprisingly great. come back here a second. it's surprisingly cool. temperatures about 58 degrees and lunch, 83 and on the way to a high temperature of about 86 degrees today and 82 at dinner time this even and delight lightful. if you liked yesterday, you'll love today here's what people will be talking about today. a series of attacks near the university of maryland campus sparks a warning for students this morning. weijia jiang has more on the recent assaults. good morning, weijia. >> reporter: there's been at least three separate attacks involving the university of maryland students. now, the police are looking for eight different suspects. three separate attacks with one thing in common. the suspects are praying on the
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victims during the late evening hours. >> reporter: that's frightening. >> the most recent was sunday morning. he suffered cuts to his face after being beat up and robbed. >> we advise people to travel in pairs. >> reporter: that's what students were doing, sunday, august 29th, three students were victimized. and two days earlier, three were attacked getting into a car. and the new police chief tells wjz he's reporting any and all incidents to the county police. if there are areas highly visited or places of gathering for students here, yes, i'm going to report what's happening in a way of crime alerts and advisory. >> always be aware and walk
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with someone else. be sides that, there's nothing else you can do. >> reporter: the police arrested a 15-year-old and a 22- year-old in the atax and they're looking for several others. weijia, thank you. all together, seven university of maryland students have been victimized in the attacks. a heart breaking weekend for a family, a 2-year-old child drowned in a pool over the weekend in pasadena. he was rushed to a hospital and he was pronounced dead. it was accidental. in ocean city, it's a good time to get into the water and cautiously. the beach patrol captains says that the surf calmed down after several waves caused by hurricane earl. days after the u.s. officially
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ends the combat mission in iraq, the u.s. troops battle militants in bag dad. troops were attacked by gunmen in broad daylight. the soldiers provided cover fire to repel the attack. 12 were killed and the mission ended a week ago. investigators looking into the gulf oil spill can examine an important pete of evidence. the blow outpreventer raised from the ocean floor is in the hands of the investigators. her's the report on the answers it could provide. >> reporter: federal agents took control of a key piece of equipment in the nation's history. the blow out preventer could provide answers to what happened on the deep water horizon. a methane gas bubble exploded and the blow out preventer didn't prevent the blow out by
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sealing the pipe as it was supposed to. as a result, 200 million- gallons of oil spewed into the gulf. it's not clear why the equipment failed. >> i think these guys, they deserve this. we need to find out for them and their memories and for the industry. i know they would want it no other way. >> reporter: it took hours to raise the device from the floor one mile beneath the surface. investigators will analyze what happened. and a bp engineer hopes this is going to end the moratorium on deep water drilling in the gulf. >> everyone will be able to get the oil industry back up and moving again. >> reporter: bp says that the oil well is sealed and not a threat to the gulf of mexico.
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the economic and environmental impact could linger for years. >> an examination isn't going to answer why the gas escaped and exploded. the family of 33 trapped miners in chile are getting a chance to talk one-on-one with their loved ones. >> officials set up the conference equipment to allow the families to see and talk to the men for the first time in a month. the tunnel collapse trapped them within a copper mine on august 5th. it will be two months before the rescue tunnel is finished. >> cal ripken tossed out the first pitch yesterday, it was the 15th anniversary of the day he break lou gehrig's record. the o's won two out of three
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against the rays. and to football, there's bad news for raven's fans new york jets reached an agreement to derail -- the terms aren't disclosed and he'll be on the field for the opener against the ravens. and to raven's football news where the ravens sliced the loster -- roster. notable team players ended up on the chopping block. troy smith was sent packing and barns was traded to the eagles for a draft pick and the first regular season game is a week away. all of the action is live and the special kick off coverage comes your way monday night at 6:30. and we have to turn the hat
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on. have you seen this hat. >> no. >> it's the one i wear at night. in the lights, it's hard to see. >> oh, cool. >> hang on. i think we can shade it. maybe you can see this. >> well, it like flashes. >> oh, yeah, it flashes. >> at night, that's cool. >> there it is. >> how about that. >> that's neon. i liked the sound effect. >> come on back here. >> get ready for the sound effect again. >> just hold my hand for a second. >> oh! you get me jarred. oh, marty. we're in a good mood here and we'll tell you why. it's delightful. 86 degrees today and sunny and
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beautiful. we told you there will be a good clear out. there's a little bit of a breeze. >> it's my favorite time of the year. good time. >> i'm going to send it to the ronster. >> we want to spend all of the time we have. we're talking about raven's football. ronnie, take it away. we're revved up and ready to go. the season begins a week from tonight. the fans are here in fells point as we get ready for the raven's manic monday when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings
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welcome back, we would normally go to sharon gibala,
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we've heard of no major difficulties in the area. weather won't be a difficulty either. we'll see a warm up from the weekend. it was cooler than saturday and warmer yesterday. today, we'll go for a high of 86 and 62 degrees now and that's downtown and 67% humidity and slight breeze and the barometer at 30.16. and 53 at ocean city and elkton, 55 and easton, 51 and hagerstown, 45 degrees. 55 degrees in oakland. and westminster and bel air, 52 and low 60s and rock hall, mid- 60s. 63 in d.c.. high pressure running the weather and don't worry about the great lakes. that's not going to bother you. there's a push of warm air you'll notice and i want you to pay attention to the cold front to the west. it will come here midweek and
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change the weather back to pleasant, cooler conditions. and sunny, beautiful and 86 degrees the high this day and clear, 60 is the overnight low and we'll ramp it up to 89 degrees. here's the dry passage and saturday, sunny and 84 degrees. now, it's time for the best five minutes of television in the united states of america. it's a manic monday in fells point. ♪ just another manic monday, wish it was sunday, that's my fun day ♪ >> all right, got two huge raven's fans in the studio, by the way, we'll be at the field house in canton on football talk. it's where the old ray's barbecue was and you'll be there. >> monday night. it's a great place to watch a game.
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i've been told i may be joining you. >> well, that will be fun! we'll have wings. from a previous conversation. >> and we'll get it to ronster now, my seat mate in section 540. >> are you ready for football? >> yes, seven-days from tonight! the ravens are going to demolish them! who debt let the dog's out! this is the annual raven's rally. we have folks from all around. raven's nest, one! the boys brought the bus down. thank you, we have the cheerleaders. good to see you! we have moe, good to see you.
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oh, where do we start. bobby nick. >> hey, how are you, listen, jets, jess, you're getting to be my size if you need to borrow clothes. you got it. >> he'll be your size, by the way. >> ron, jess says he better keep the helmet on. >> and we have a game this afternoon at m&t, 4:00, navy and maryland and these folks came to see manic monday. >> don and patty. we love it and we love the show. go navy. i have to say go terps! i'm a terps.
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the coach, larry, luther, john. what's your name. >> kyle. good to see you. >> what's your name, emanuel. >> thank you for coming out this morning. we appreciate it. are where are you folks from? >> annapolis. halethorpe. >> we have to do this before we do manic monday. >> the guys from nest one, they're all here. we have fan man, the maniac and raven rick and who else? [ indiscernible ] >> good to see you. we want to do a little thing? >> you know, the dance ray lewis does when he opens the game, right? >> we got a little something for you here. >> they have it with a new little wrinkle. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> that's the greatest! >> hey, i want to bring the cheerleaders over. the ladies were nice enough to come down. michelle, how are you? >> good morning, baltimore, we can't wait for the season to start. >> you have a big event coming up. >> wednesday, we'll be at high tops and there will be all 38 girl and come out and get your calendars, we'll be at power plant thursday featuring buck cherry and purple friday. we'll be in the caravan. follow us also. >> thank you. >> and we have a big day?
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>> september 25th. the county executive in harford county, it's raven county on the 25th. be there at 12:30! >> tom, come here. one of our seat mates is here from 540. how are you dog? >> you ready for the season? >> sure! give me one of your favorite cheers. let's go, ravens! >> thank you very much >> i want everyone, we clear out here, but i want to show the car, where's greg, the car owner. come over here, quickly. >> that car is off of the charts! >> greg, come over here, quickly, quickly, quickly! >> this is a 1952 buick. >> that's a beauty. we're having a ball with it. it's a late model and i can drive it anywhere. that's off the charts. ronnie?
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>> we have in the house, the profootball hall of fame, the raven's fan of the year. >> rick is over there, isn't he? >> yeah, rick, rick! >> there he is. the raven's fan of the year. thank you, thank you. >> hi, marty, hi, don. >> it's jessica. >> well, i can't see you. >> luther is here, get ready to queue the music. >> we're going to play it here. >> and p oh, yeah, this is tremendous. >> maestro, the music if you please. all right, here we go. the ravin's manic monday. ♪ >> i'm juiced for this season. [crowd singing manic monday]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> hey, ronnie, what day is the super bowl?
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>> i'm not sure. i think it's february 6th. >> the 6th or the 13th. >> i'm going to tell you why -- i'm online making my tickets to dallas right now. you think i'm joking! >> i'm not joking. is it the 6th or the 13th. we'll figure it out. >> this is the year, i think everyone feels it. >> we want to invite you back to the manic monday meltdown in november and to the superbowel in february. jessica, marty, have a great day, it's a raven's manic monday. see ya! >> see ya! it's the 6th. do i really look at big as bobby nix? >> mine's filled with baby bobby, not beer.
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here's the american website. between american and south west, i'll guarantee you, three weeks into the season, you won't be able to get a ticket. super bowl in dallas. >> wouldn't that be fun. >> just think, by then, you'll have a three month old. >> >> or a line backer, we don't know. >> we haven't eaten the carbs, it could be a line backer. >> or a cheerleader. the rustle street coliseum. and i know you're pumped. >> i'm pumped for monday. that's going to be a good time. we'll be back. ♪
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up next, attacks on campus. students at a university are being victimized. >> i'll have all of the details ahead on wjz-13. ♪ baby, baby ♪ >> tens of thousands of teens may be horse this morning.
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it's because of one 16-year-old performer. >> you know, that's what being a kid is all about. we'll look at the first warning doppler weather radar. i want you to look at the tropics. what was a low last night has now become our latest named storm. that's hermione. it's going to hit the texas, mexico border soon, just with a lot of rain, no hurricane. we'll have the late, breaking details. laura lippman is joining us on coffee with. she's a hometown girl and a top five mystery novelist. she visited craig ferguson after she visited us. god bless her. what a wonderful person. ,,,,,,,
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labor day -- man, what an awesome day. >> well, let's look at the day part, j. kart. it's a pleasant morning and going to a high of 86, 82 this evening. if you liked yesterday, you'll like this day. jessica, take it away. at the top of the news this half hour, an urgent warning to maryland university students. a rash of attacks has the campus on alert. >> reporter: it appears that the attackers were after the same thing and that's cash. the police say they could strike again at any moment. >> reporter: three separate attacks and one thing in common. >> it seems that the suspects
6:33 am
are praying on victims. >> that's frightening. >> reporter: the most recent attack was 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. she was tackled to the ground and roughed up and suffered cuts to his face. >> we advise anyone traveling at that time to travel in pairs. >> reporter: and in the other incidents, that's what the students were doing. they were victimized. and three days earlier, students were attacked. wjz says that they're reporting any incidents to the police. >> if areas are highly visited and places of gathering, yes, i'm going to report what's happening there in a way of
6:34 am
advisories to keep the students safe. >> be aware and there's nothing else you can do. >> reporter: right now, the investigators are sifting through the evidence. we're live this morning. weijia jiang, eyewitness news. >> thank you, and prince county police made two arrests and eight suspects are on the loose. a teen is charged with murder in anne arundel county. the 17-year-old is accused of killing another man during a robbery. he's charged as an adult. a fire early friday morning that displaced a mother and child is ruled arson. it's unclear what happened. 20 firefighters were able to get the firefighters out.
6:35 am
and rain triggered deadly landslides in guatemala. landslides also hit and 50 more may be buried. >> and a labor day party ends in near disaster as a deck collapses in philadelphia. the rear deck on the house collapsed 20 feet and injured six adults and a child. the little girl had burns to her legs because of an overturned grill. the family's stun. >> it was frightening to see your family, you know, between a roof and not knowing if it was oak >> all of the injuries are nonlife threatening. a popular and much protested section on craigslist is taken down.
6:36 am
craigslist is accused of doing little to discourage prostitution and sex trafficking. the officials aren't commenting and it's not clear if that's permanent. >> oil prices drop again as the price of crude dipped. wjz pump watch is tracking the gas prices. you'll pay down 2 cents from last week. last year, it was $2.53. weary voices and for many, a dream come true. a sellout crowd packs the state fairgrounds to see justin bieber. derek valcourt has more. >> i'm in love with him. >> he's so hot! i'll jump on stage if i
6:37 am
have to. >> reporter: forget bieber fever at the fair, it was bieber pandemonium. thousands of girls lined up at 11:00 saturday night to be the first to see the show from the 16-year-old pop sensation. he's so talented. >> reporter: here, everything justin bieber sells fast. >> nearly 12,000 tickets sold out in 18 minutes. with that kind of love, it's no wonder some pay double and triple the face value of the tickets. >> we couldn't get the tickets on ticket master and had to go to ebay. >> we went ballistic when we got them. he's gorgeous. he's hot! >> he's like sexy.
6:38 am
>> reporter: he's a teen heartthrob, he hasn't hit many adults. do you have bieber fever? >> i'm trying. >> reporter: what do you think? >> he's just a kid, singing. >> reporter: the state organizers have had crowds before, but not with this much energy. the mta ran the trains every 30 minutes until midnight. and you can park here and work road is just a cluster of cars. >> reporter: a few parents complained that the lines were long ands organized and people pushing and shoving and police report no major incidents. the fans say that the concert was great. >> and this is a homecoming for bieber's d.j..
6:39 am
he now lives in bel air. a tossup for the pga lead. jasonday finished with a 1 shot lead with 17 under par and tiger woods is back after slipping late and phil mickelson is poised to take the number one world ranking from him. >> and in nascar, it's been a long time coming for tony stewart. >> it's been 31 starts since he's tasted the champagne in victory lane. here he comes! ring the bell, baby! nice job, team. >> he takes the checkered flag beating carl edwards and ten drivers clinched the spots for the championship. the orioles also beat the rays. and cory paterson finishs with
6:40 am
three rbi's and the o's have 25 games to go and the orioles play the yankees in new york tonight. >> dreams of winning u.s. open come to an end for an ellicott city native. she struggled against sharapova. the 18-year-old said she had a great time and she'll focus on her ground game. >> we remind you to sign up now for the prochallenge. pick games each week. i love how we call ourselves experts. and the black widow of eating contests up stages one of sports biggest stars. she gobbled up a dozen wings a
6:41 am
minute. that makes her the buffalo champion and joey chestnut was second and thomas says her technique is using her hands more than her mouth. she's so little. it's amazing how they do that. the guy that always wins the nathan's hotdog eating contest is teeny-weeny. >> i feel like i'm eating a lot now, but not that much. but you're looking great. >> i mean, how they dip it into the water. but what's the secret to eating wings like that. >> you man up, or woman up -- or throw up later! well, speaking of, you're with child. there's no secret about that. >> thank you, bobby nick for
6:42 am
reminding us. >> bob russo said, you'll have two labor days. >> i've heard repeatedly, it's like women come out and say, let me tell you my labor story! i keep thinking, why are you telling me this! i don't have a choice. i would be surprised how many people say, not like oh, it's so easy, you'll be fine. >> well, has my wife done that to you? >> well, there was a bad story, there was a jerk anesthesiologist because she wanted to use ms instead of natural. he said, i know who you are, but i don't watch tv. and i thought, could you be a bigger punk and the doctor wrote him up. >> we've had a lot of people say --
6:43 am
>> other than that, it was wonderful. we were at st. joe's both times. knock on wood. i don't think it will be smooth sailing. i don't want to hear the negative. >> i'm here. >> some will always lean towards, the glass is half empty. >> you know, you're right. some were born that way and won't change. >> i know. >> and then, again. there was the story of jake -- >> no. >> well, we're number one in birthing rooms. don and i figured this out. if you're in labor now, congratulations. >> our photographer is afraid that the water will break in
6:44 am
the live shot. >> we'll clean out the truck. >> and you're talking coffee with. i'm not in this one. >> laura lippman came in. that hasn't gotten her to the status where she is now. maybe one of the top five mystery writers on the planet. she always comes by and says hi before she kicks off a book tour. i can't stress enough how great a writer she is. we'll sit down with her and hang out and do a web extra with her. and those are fair weather clouds, temperatures in the upper 50s and we're going to a high of 86 degrees this day. we'll be back with the weather out look. stay there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what's that?
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it's a cooler morning and slight breeze and high pressure running our weather. don't worry about what's over the great lakes. we'll see a push over the warm and humid air. starting tonight and lasting throughout the next couple of days. sunny, 86 degrees is the high this day. 60 and partly cloudy. when i say mainly clear, it's the same deal. sunny skies and a high of 86 and 86 wednesday and dry passage takes us below normal and pleasant 29 and friday. saturday, 84 and that's a tropical depression. that's named hermione and going to come ashore in texas. coffee with is with lawyer are hippman.
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ladies and gentlemen, welcome to someone who doesn't do 140 characters required by twitter. well, thank you. >> i've got to tell you what was going on. i said, do you have a facebook page we can bring up? by the way, here it is. it's her author page and it's a cool thing. i said, do you twitter and she said -- >> i don't do 140 characters. what would i do with that? >> i'm sitting here with one of the best novelists. it will be like telling a fat man, no, only one slider. >> exactly. >> how are you doing? >> having a great summer. >> you look great, you have a great karma. >> well, thank you. >> well, it's a job.
6:50 am
everyone else does their job, why shouldn't i. is there a specific place you write? >> just about anywhere. i prefer to go to the local coffee house, spoons. i like to get away from the house and chores and there's nothing to do there but focus. >> you don't really write at home? well, sometimes, i have to. i can write on the dining room table. it takes more discipline not to procrastinate. i worked in the sun for 12 years and one day, i was at spoons and i tend to sit next to where the kids play and there was a child having a full blown tantrum and the owner said, i don't know how you do it. i said, i worked at the baltimore sun and this isn't the first time that someone was lying on the floor crying in front of me.
6:51 am
>> i would know you anywhere. >> yes. >> and this is interesting, it takes you out of a comfort zone, i guess. >> writing a series is one challenge and writing a stand alone and a one up, that's a different set of challenges. i like both. i started writing books outside of the series, i had ideas not fitting the series. and this is definitely one of those ideas. it's about someone sweet and i would say, ordinary. it's a book about someone that everyone knows. you know, the mom down the street, two kids, good tempered and seems to be the most average person, but she has a dark secret. she was kidnapped by a man when she was 15. >> he raped his victims and killed them and she's the only
6:52 am
one he let loose and she tries not to think about it and one day he writes her from death row and says he's seen her photograph and he said he would know her any way. >> we haven't given away the book, have we? >> no, that's in the book flap. >> and i'm sitting here. when you get to be, i mean, i've -- in the introduction, i let them know, you're one of the top authors on the planet, but we can be layed back. i did an interview with you and you're into a tv station in omaha and they're like, oh, there's laura. there she is, i'm having a college flash back, this is cool. we're going to continue the interview, this is neat, it gives you a chance to stand up as an author.
6:53 am
and like michael phelps is tired of doing the long races, he does sprints. >> and the crime genres are lasting and whatever the limitations are, they're mine. you can do anything in the crime novel. it just depends on what you can bring to it. i like to push myself in the confides of the genre i've chosen. was this inspired by a real crime? >> yes, and it was unrecognizable to most people and because it was sexual, i'm really tight lipped about it. >> and you said most of your plots are. >> and we need to take a break. oh, real quick, when's the signing. >> september 7th at the barnes & noble in charles' village at the johns hopkins bookstore. what time? >> 7:00 or 6:30, i don't remember?
6:54 am
>> that's not today. i'm living a day at a time right now. in call barnes & noble at charles village and they'll give you a chance to say hello to one of the finest author on the planet. we'll go cyber here at sharon has tv traffic control and first warning weather and more as the morning edition continues after this. ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> all right, now, updated weather, marty. >> well, it's no tougher than that. sunny and a high of 86 degrees. it's delightfully pleasant and around 60, take it away. >> stay with us, complete news,
6:57 am
weather and traffic. still ahead,the president heads to wisconsin for a labor day rally. part of the message is drawing fire. of course, a gorgeous start to the labor day, have a wonderful day, and if you need news and weather any time. weather any time. go to ,,,, just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin',
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with our egg white breakfast sandwiches. hurry in and try one in delicious veggie or turkey sausage.
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